Happy New Year! New classes in 2012 starting January 11!

3 Jan


Starting January 11th I will be offering an 8 week intensive Ladies Styling series. I will be offering 2 classes every Wednesday until Feb 29th.

Class Descriptions:

Session 1)  Adv Beginner – 8:30 – 9:15 pm
We will cover the salsa basic, timing, musicality, body movement, basic turns, shines, introduction to spinning – the foundation of dancing on2 with a “styled” basic step. This is also a great class for students that have danced salsa On1 and would like to learn On2 timing.

Session 2)  Int/ Adv – 9:15 – 10:00 pm
We will build on the foundation of the On2 basic and emphasize, spinning, drills, speed, following technique, advanced shines and styling

*Technically the classes are listed as 45 minutes. With the addition of a warm-up and a break in between classes, we will be going over. I estimate each class at about 50 minutes or more.

Single class pass (Session 1 OR 2, 1 class a week for 8 weeks, rate of $15 hr) = $120
Double class pass (Sessions 1 & 2, 16 classes – 2 a week for 8 weeks, rate of $15 hr) = $240 (online fee waived)
Drop-in for single session – $18
Drop-in for double session – $34

Here is the registration link:

**If you would only like to take session 2 (Int/Adv) without the foundation course, please email me for approval. I’d like to make sure that you can handle the class. If you purchased the double session (which includes session 1 (Adv/Beg) or you would only like to take session 1 (adv/beg), no approval is needed.

Class location:
Chevy Chase Ballroom
5207 Wisconsin Avenue NW # 6
Washington D.C., DC 20015

I look forward to seeing lots of new faces in class this year! Feel free to email me at info@dancewithluz.com if you have any questions.

~ Luz



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