Beg On2 Salsa Partnerwork & Ladies Styling TONIGHT at CCB! Drop-ins welcome!

28 Mar


Beg On2 Salsa Partner work & Int On2 Ladies Styling classes TONIGHT, March 28th at Chevy Chase Ballroom!

Class info:
Wednesday nights, through April 18, 2012

Chevy Chase Ballroom (5207 Wisconsin Ave NW WDC)

Session #1 – 8:30 – 9:20 pm – Beginner On2 Salsa/Partner-work with Luz & Jimmy Yoon.  We will cover timing, the basic, fundamental On2 partner work technique, and basic turn patterns.

*This class is great for beginners or for those who have danced salsa On1 and would like to transition to On2 timing. This is also an excellent “prep class” for those interested in taking Int/Adv On2 turnpatterns with Jimmy Yoon (taught at the Mr. Mambo Social). We will be offering another Int/Ad On2 Class with Jimmy in May.

Session #2 – 9:20 – 10:10 pm – Int On2 Ladies Styling (focus will be on spinning, styling, body movement, footwork/choreo)

* This class may eventually lead to a ladies student group/choreo class 🙂

Drop-in fee: $18 per class
Class pass of 4 or more: starting at $65

I hope to see you in class tonight!


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