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Widely regarded as the “Princess of DC,” Luz Rodriguez has traveled the world teaching, performing, and dancing. Luz is a Founder and Co-Director of the DC Style Salsa Academy, the DC region’s premier training institution for salsa On2. As a former principal dancer and instructor of the ClaveKazi Dance Company, she has competed and performed with Shaka Brown at events around the world including the NY Salsa Congress, Salsorro, Venezuela Salsa Open, Flava Invasion, DC Salsa Congress, Chicago Salsa Congress, Curaçao Salsa Tour, UK Salsa Congress, Vancouver Salsa Masquerade Ball, iMambo TV Extreme Salsa Japan and more. Winner of the 2008 DC Salsa Open, Luz represented Washington DC at the Puerto Rico Salsa Open. In 2009, Luz spent 8 months teaching and choreographing at the EDSAE school in Lisbon, Portugal meanwhile teaching and performing throughout Western Europe.

Luz has been dancing and teaching with Jimmy Yoon since 2009, and has traveled and taught with Jimmy all over the US and in Korea. She credits her reputation for clean, precise following, while being able to keep her stylistic approach, to dancing with Jimmy for many years. Luz firmly believes that styling should never impede the lead or the execution of partner work. Having said that, she is widely known to be one of the best follows and stylists in the region.

Luz is a Resident On2 instructor at Washington DC’s longest running and most well attended salsa event, the legendary Mr. Mambo’s Salsa Social. She is also a frequent guest instructor at The Iconic Stuck On Salsa events in Washington DC and is a frequent invited instructor at the DC Salsa Congress and DC Bachata Congress. In 2012, Luz co-founded the DC Style Salsa Academy with Jimmy in an effort to codify, preserve, and promote the regional style of On2 dancing, native to the DC Metro Area. To contact Luz directly, please email her at